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Finding Acceptance with REBECCA HEIDT

September 09, 2022 Tiffany Barnes/Rebecca Heidt Season 4 Episode 112
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Finding Acceptance with REBECCA HEIDT
Show Notes

Today I’m talking with Rebecca Heidt, an artist, entrepreneur, and author of “Acceptance: The Beginning,” the first work of a trilogy that chronicles and teaches the journey of self-acceptance. She’s worked in management and finance but has always had a love for the arts. Rebecca is here to speak loud about how to remain your authentic self when surrounded by society’s boxes. 

Growing Up LGBT

When Rebecca was growing up, she had no one to talk to about being LGBT. Her childhood was full of uncertainty and chaos as she explored her feelings. It wasn’t until college that she felt comfortable being open about her relationship with another woman, as she was still navigating homophobia and a lack of representation in her community. 

While her family had their struggles with accepting her, Rebecca is in a much better place now, happily out and married. She explains, “The only way to benefit me was to be who I was.” She knows that being LGBT is not a lifestyle or a choice, but a part of one’s identity that deserves as much respect and acceptance as anyone else. 

Spreading the Word of Acceptance

Rebecca's book, “Acceptance: The Beginning” came from a place of deep loss. During the pandemic, she lost four loved ones, and amongst the heartache and turmoil came growth and art. She felt she was receiving a message telling her that she could get through this and that she could help others do it, too. In writing down her thoughts and feelings, a book was formed. 

Rebecca’s book—the first in a prospective trilogy—is a vehicle for sharing the messages she wants other people to hear. Things that she wanted to say to others or to herself but never had the chance to are communicated through the book’s characters. The first book, ‘Acceptance’, allows people to face the emotions they’ve shut down, while the second will help them face the trauma now that it’s been unlocked. 

Art As Healing

Throughout her childhood, Rebecca was always drawn to art. When she lost her job as an adult during the pandemic, she rediscovered art as a hobby and a love. Art is healing, to Rebecca, and she loves that it’s able to bring others color and joy as well as herself. 

With her art, she hopes to extend that extra bit of help and light to people who need it. Her purpose is to share a message of peace and positivity, knowing that we will be okay if we do it together. 

Listen in to learn more about Rebecca’s books, her advice on self-acceptance and the journey, and what makes her feel empowered. 

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