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Building Confidence with DEBBY KRUSZEWSKI

October 28, 2022 Tiffany Barnes/ DEBBIE KRUSZEWSKI Season 4 Episode 119
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Building Confidence with DEBBY KRUSZEWSKI
Show Notes

Today I’m talking with Debby Kruszewski, a coach, consultant, and author of “Soul Meets Body: Six Degrees of You” and several other books. After being ‘dream crushed’ by corporate America, Debby decided to listen to her inner voice, leave the corporate world, and begin writing. Today she’s here to speak loud about self worth, respect, and integrity. 

Being Dream Crushed


As a woman in an executive position in corporate America, Debby had dealt with more than her fair share of sexism in the workplace. One instance stands out to her, when a recruiter belittled and gaslit her about being a woman in her job position. At a certain point, Debby had to stop and reflect. Who she was was more important than a job. So, she left the corporate world, and began to write. 

Debby never thought about becoming a writer before, but when she left her job, she heard a voice telling her, “Leave, and I’ll take care of it.” She listened, and the storylines began pouring out. She fell in love with the characters who were mirroring her own life and experiences and wanted to share those moments and lessons with others. 

Choosing Self Respect

“How many situations is it easier to take the hit for the greater good?” Debby asks. When faced with uncomfortable, disrespectful, or belittling behavior, oftentimes we think it’s better to suck it up and keep the peace. However, she explains that there is a difference between being a nice person—and being abused. Debby encourages listeners to leave the situations in which you’re treated this way and find something better, as she did. 

Finding the courage to stand up to people treating you wrongly is not an overnight process, Debby explains. Recognition, self-healing, and forgiveness are the ‘first draft’ — from there, it’s a long path, but incredibly worth it. Acknowledging the situations where, how, and why you were being treated wrongly allows you to unveil what’s holding you back. Forgiving yourself for the things you weren’t able to do at the time will release the weight you’re holding onto from those situations, and let you identify what you want, so that you can start building that path to your dreams. 

Rising Above Negativity 

Much of Debby’s teachings revolve around self-confidence and self-worth. One little step at a time, she believes that anyone can rise above and overcome the things that are putting them down. Even in a powerless phase, you have the autonomy to say goodbye to negativity and release the things you couldn’ control. Inner strength and confidence comes out of refusing to let negativity dictate your life. 

Debby hopes that listeners know that everyone deserves to live a wonderful life and that this conversation helps people know that they are all capable of getting out of situations that no longer serve them. 

Listen in to learn more about Debby’s inspirational blog, how her books offer a look at truth and tragedy, and her exclusive offer for Speak Loud Podcast listeners.