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You Are More Powerful Than You Think with SEPH DIETLIN

November 18, 2022 Tiffany Barnes/Seph Dietlin Season 4 Episode 122
Speak LOUD
You Are More Powerful Than You Think with SEPH DIETLIN
Show Notes

Today I’m talking with Seph Dietlin, a psychic and hypnotherapist, who, after experiencing a spiritual awakening in 2002, has set out to help others create their own reality and experience unity. He is constantly downloading and sharing knowledge through his intuitive online course, content, his podcast “Talk to My Angels” and more. Today, Seph is here to speak loud about how to utilize your trauma to become a conscious creator of your own reality.

Soul Contracts and Agreements

Seph explains that everybody has the ability to tune in to a higher consciousness and unlock their intuition. It is an amazing tool that can be unlocked easily, even after we are taught to shut it down as we grow up. Seph describes this process as remembering something we already knew, which will allow the skill to unravel and unfold on its own time. 

Seph also talks about soul contracts and agreements that we make before coming into this world. This could be spouses we’ll meet or children that we’ll bring into the world as well as hardships that we agree to go through in life before being born in order to meet our higher mission. This way of thinking gives power back to us, in Seph’s opinion, and in his work in hypnotherapy he utilizes this concept when working with patients who are exploring their own soul agreements. 

Creativity and Higher Consciousness

Seph’s advice for people wanting to connect with a higher self is to recognize that we are often in that higher brainwave state. ‘The flow,’ ‘the zone,’ and many other words describe what Seph is referring to. Creativity is an amazing portal: cooking, painting, or creating in any way is a great access point for higher state awareness, and from there that higher conscious state can be leveraged for healing. 

Seph also instructs listeners to pay attention to their imagination. Imagination is a portal through which our higher consciousness speaks to us. This can include dreams, ideas we visualize, and manifestation. Clairvoyance is simply allowing yourself to interpret what comes into the mind.

Learning On Earth School

Events that happened—and are still happening—in 2020 have moved humanity towards an expanded, creative state, in Seph’s opinion. Collective experience and collective trauma pushes humanity towards greater understanding of ourselves and the universe. On ‘earth school,’ what we are all learning is how to create our own reality. These skills can be honed with practices such as paradigm shifting, numerology and synchronicity.

Meditation is a great place to start for those who want to channel and tap into a higher state. Seph explains that to enter the state, rather than trying to force it, instead remember the state of flow that comes from doing something creative or even just stepping into that shower. We are always expanding from challenges and learning from them, and every hardship is an opportunity for growth. 

Listen in to learn more of Seph’s beginnings in hypnotherapy and intuition, the history of hypnotherapy, 3d and 5d living and astral traveling.