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Trust the Body with AMY STEIN

December 23, 2022 Tiffany Barnes/Amy Stein Season 4 Episode 127
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Trust the Body with AMY STEIN
Show Notes

Today I’m talking with Amy Stein, an herbalist, energy medicine educator, and trauma-informed breathwork facilitator. Her mission is to educate and empower the highly empathetic so that they can live in harmony with their body and their environment by working with Mother Nature’s intelligence rather than against it. Today she’s here to speak loud about choosing what is best for our bodies and the intersections of the body’s intelligence and empathy. 

Treating the Root Cause

Amy shares that throughout her life she often felt misunderstood and not honored when it came to her body. Symptoms such as migraines and blackouts were dismissed or she was told, “Your body is broken, take this pill.” These wounds and limiting beliefs followed her into adulthood as the ailments only increased. 

Her journey began while teaching geriatric patients coping skills such as meditation as an alternative to medication. However, Amy didn’t fully understand the concepts she was teaching and decided to educate and empower herself. The body isn’t a car; you can’t just treat the symptoms, but must tackle the root cause. It’s a life-long journey, Amy explains, but she says that you won’t be led astray if you trust your intuition. 

The Wisdom of Plant Medicine

Amy’s intuition guided her to plant medicine and she began learning about the different affinities plants have to support her body. She regularly forages and utilizes the innate intelligence of Mother Nature. The earth is resilient and adapting, and Amy has found power in communing with nature and taking advantage of that symbiotic relationship. 

The hardest part about plant medicine, Amy says, is learning what works best for you. However, it’s very easy to get started. She cautions listeners to be mindful of what and where they’re picking but even plants in your city or backyard can be beneficial. Herbs such as thyme, lemon balm, and lavender also have great healing properties and can be easily grown indoors.

Getting into the Body with Breathwork

Amy explains that breathwork is a great and easy way to reconnect with the body. Some people find it more accessible than meditation because it invites thoughts and feelings to be processed and released. You don’t need to go into breathwork with an agenda; the body has its own agenda while the mind is quiet. 

Amy offers breathwork for others through coaching and weekly group sessions. She believes that breathwork can be transformative and easy and it’s the modality that has helped her the most in her healing journey. Through her services, she teaches others to show up for themselves and hopes that listeners know that they have the answers within. They are not broken and are encouraged to choose what’s best for them and their bodies. 

Listen in to learn about spiritual energy and intuition, homeopathy, and how to start foraging in your own backyard. 

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