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Choosing Yourself with KIMBERLY BELL

January 13, 2023 Tiffany Barnes/KIMBERLY BELL Season 5 Episode 130
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Choosing Yourself with KIMBERLY BELL
Show Notes

Today I’m talking with Kimberly Bell, inspirational speaker, minister, and mentor. She’s the author of “Epitome of Kimberly: A Memoir of Finding Hope & Resilience.” She has 2 degrees, in Human Development and Psychology and in Theology. Through her books and talks, she inspires others to never give up hope and inspire others to solve societal issues. Today, she is here to speak loud about having the courage to be yourself and embrace your life. 

Learning to Choose Herself

Kimberly describes her background of abandonment and abuse. She experienced abandonment from her parents and all forms of abuse. The ‘broken foundation’ started for her when her parents, who were in a physically abusive relationship, left her to be raised by her aunt without explanation. As an adult, she had to accept that it happened but she was not responsible for things adults did to her. 

She explains how the abandonment and abuse she went through influenced her experience with relationships in adulthood. She always put other people first and focused on what she could offer others, not vice-versa. Eventually, she learned, “I had to choose me and I had to choose my healing.” From there, she began to break the cycle. 

Breaking Generational Cycles

Kimberly says that the process of learning love was hard and tiring. As an African American woman, she wasn’t encouraged to embrace therapy for her mental health. She had a moment when, in a library, she asked God what direction to go, and looked up and saw a sign for a therapist. She called the number and broke the generational taboo in order to start her healing process. 

Several years later, Kimberly is single and the mother of 4 daughters and a grandmother. She uses the life lessons she’s learned to live in the moment and choose herself. By being true to herself and continuing to push through challenges, she was able to teach her children a better way and is proud to see that they have all had an easier journey. 

Courageous Enough to Choose You

Kimberly shares that whenever she told others her life story, she was always met with the response, “That sounds like a book.” She was receiving the signs to share her story but had to build the courage to go all the way back into her trauma to record it. She soon took the initiative, and states, “You don’t have to accept or be defined by your past.” Why wouldn't she share her story and try to help someone else? 

Kimberly’s memoir lays out the foundations of her life and the genuine truth of the lessons she’s learned. She hopes that readers will see how she found her voice and be able to do the same. “Through God, nothing’s impossible, but we have to go through the process." Kimberly hopes listeners feel empowered and courageous enough to put themselves first and begin their healing.

Listen in to learn about Kimberly’s journey with forgiveness, how she helps her community, and how to find resources and mentoring on her website. 

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