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Echoes of Resounding Love with CLAYNE EDWARD WAYMAN

February 17, 2023 Tiffany Barnes/Clayne Edward Wayman Season 5 Episode 135
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Echoes of Resounding Love with CLAYNE EDWARD WAYMAN
Show Notes

Today I’m talking with Clayne Edward Wayman. He’s a sought-after mortgage professional, as well as a speaker, mentor, and founder of the Vasper platform where he shares spiritual insight and mentorship. He’s a recent author and a husband and father of four. Today, he’s here to share his story and talk about the importance of trust.

Growing Up in a Polygamist Sect

Clayne grew up in a Mormon fundamentalist polygamist community. His mother was a first wife of 12, and Clayne was the first of 45 children who were primarily homeschooled. He married his first wife when he was 21, and then remarried after their divorce. Both were members of the same fundamentalist community, based in Arizona. 

Clayne explains that multiple Mormon fundamentalist groups still practice polygamy. These sects view polygamy as a cornerstone of the religion. Growing up, Clayne thought his lifestyle was completely normal— ‘monogamist’ was the worst insult that he knew. However, in 2008 and 2009, he started questioning the environment he was raised in, and by 2017, had left the community entirely. 

Life Outside Religion

Clayne slowly came to realize that his life’s direction did not lie with the church. He began testing his doubts when the president of the community read from scripture that God would tell him if one of them sinned. Clayne found this as an opportunity to test it and began experimenting with women outside of his marriage. Not only did the religious leaders not immediately know, but they also called him to say that they wanted to arrange for him what they claimed to be a God-ordained marriage. This was his checkmate. 

Clayne fully left the community in 2017—with his second wife. He had shared all of his doubts with her before they married and later when he was contemplating leaving. Both times, the trust paid off. His wife left with him, and the two of them were able to step into a deeper and more trusting relationship. Clayne continues to stand, as he says, ‘on the rock of integrity.’ 

Spirituality and Self-Discovery

When telling his president that he was leaving, Clayne recalls the president telling him that he had never found a better way of life. He endeavors now to show people that there is a much better way. Clayne has had several spiritual awakenings and practices the shamanic ancient wisdom. He’s used ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and other plant medicines, and has learned to see the signs of divine love and wisdom in everyday life. 

Clayne’s book, “Echoes of Resounding Love,” shares his story as well as techniques for readers to learn more about themselves. He delves into psychology and how to trust your own unique process of discovery. “There are things the heart knows that the head may not even be able to fully wrap around,” he says. Clayne hopes that his readers, as well as the listeners of this podcast, learn to trust in the process—and trust that the universe has better things in store for you. 

Listen in to hear more about Mormon fundamentalists and polygamy, ayahuasca and plant medicine for trauma survivors, and generational trauma. 

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