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Overcoming Childhood Neglect with JASON HALLBERG

February 24, 2023 Tiffany Barnes/JASON HALLBERG Season 5 Episode 136
Speak LOUD
Overcoming Childhood Neglect with JASON HALLBERG
Show Notes

Today I’m talking with Jason Hallberg, a friend of many years. He is a new podcaster, from the podcast ‘Rapping Life,’ which is currently in its early stages. Today, he is here to talk about childhood emotional neglect and the discoveries he has made through his soul journey. 

Emotionally Absent Childhood

Jason Hallberg grew up dealing with emotional neglect throughout his childhood. His father was absent from his life and his mother raised him in the same manner she was raised. His mother’s boyfriend created an environment of verbal and emotional abuse as well as excessive drug and alcohol use. Jason was quick to lash out and fight in elementary school, and after being expelled in 4th grade and seeing the impact it had on his mother, became closed off and hyper-independent.

Jason recalls meeting his best friend in junior high whom he described as changing his life. His friend lived an entirely different lifestyle, with a functioning family and more money than Jason, who felt he didn’t bring anything to the table. Growing up poor, he recounts that everything seemed to connect back to money. However, that friend was the beginning of him changing his mindset and accepting that he could be loved and have value as a person, regardless of social status.

Noticing and Breaking Patterns

Jason’s soul-searching began about a year ago. He was unhappy at his job, and after he left and went through a breakup at the same time, began to notice patterns in the relationships in his life. He learned about attachment styles, which led to childhood trauma, and from there had a series of epiphanies about his own life and how his early years still affect him in the present day. 

Most of Jason’s healing has been done without a therapist, which he credits to just being honest with himself. He would take early morning walks, starting with affirmations and then later finding meditation. Ideas began to come to him about what he wanted, eventually leading to his podcast. 

Freeing Yourself From Your Thoughts

Today, Jason is applying the wisdom he’s learned to his own life. He accepted that something in his life set him down a different path than the people around him, and from there has made an effort to move forward. “Keep doing something that’s uncomfortable,” he says, “until it feels comfortable.” For him, that’s been being emotionally vulnerable with his mother and having more open conversations about his childhood. 

Jason tries to practice honesty with himself and with the people around him. He is aware of how our thoughts shape our reality and what other people tell themselves. In his day-to-day life, he tries to be more uplifting and honest with those around him. If he were able to talk to his younger self, Jason would remind himself that people do care about him and that he is not alone. To listeners, he hopes they know the value of open and honest communication not just with your loved ones but with yourself, as well. 

Listen in to hear more about childhood neglect, reconnecting with estranged family members, and setting boundaries with the people you love.